Orcas & Humpbacks

Swim with orcas and humpback whales in Norway and enjoy northern lights at night

Epic Cape Town

Explore kelp forests, swim with sealions, sharks, sunfish and more.

Sardine Run

Sharks, whales, dolphins, birds and more - Join the legendary Sardine Run in South Africa.


Courses and training for all levels. Be prepared for your next expedition

Small Group Adventures

With over two decades of experience, we focus on ethical and education based experiences of the highest quality.

Unique Experiences
With Likeminded People

We offer tailormade experiences for people with a passion for the ocean. A basic experience level requirement ensures the best and most ethical in-water encounters for everyone who joins. Want to get more comfortable in the water? We offer advice and options to help you get the most from your time with us.

What Our Clients Say

“Jacques and his team are simply amazing, fun and welcoming people, everything is taken care of and the locations are top notch”

Check out Tim’s work here from his trips with us to Norway and South Africa

Tim Jenka

“If you want to see orca and humpbacks this is the company to go with! I cannot say enough good things about the crew. They really made the trip so memorable for us.”

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Emma Merritt

“Such great experience!! I can’t thank enough!! Thank you thank you!!”

Check out Ronald’s amazing dolphin work here

Ronald Daisuke Jourden

“Amazing experience! I don’t have enough words to describe the magic of this trip. But maybe that is the perfect word, MAGIC. Magic is what you feel, everything is magical and perfect, like a dream…This was a dream and one of the best trips in my life. It’s over and i am at home but i cant stop smiling everytime i think about it. I’ve swum with whales, i’ve done new friends and i have laughed a lot. We will see each other next year! Thanks for everything Jacques!!”

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Merche Llobera

“Freediving with big marine mammals is a very touching and humbling experience, so that alone deserves the 5 stars:)
For the rest i really felt the sense of adventure and that I was on an “expedition” as opposed to a “holiday”. You get properly briefed about the animals behavior and how to interact with them in a non-invasive and ethical manner. All this adds a lot of emotions and adrenaline to the experience, but at the same time you get to do all this in the most comfortable way possible. I will definitely do this again!”

Follow Linda’s journey and record freediving here

Linda Paganelli

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