Oceans Around Us

was created by Jacques de Vos as a hub for different Expeditions and projects he is involved with, as well as those he supports.


Jacques de Vos

Expeditions, Research & Conservation

Jacques is the founder and owner of Arctic Freediving which offers guests joining their expeditions the opportunity to experience orcas and humpback whales underwater in their natural environment.

During his time in Norway, Jacques has been instrumental in setting the standard for an ethical and education based approach to these expeditions and along with his Norwegian partners have actively lobbied at a government level for regulations and better practices in the industry. 

He also assists with cetacean research projects and along with the Norwegian Orca Survey has co-published peer reviewed research on the Norwegian Orca population. 

Additionally he actively involves guests on his expeditions in citizen research projects, advocating participation in projects like the Norwegian Orca ID Catalogue. 

Photography and Video

Jacques is an award winning underwater photographer and cameraman whose work with photography and video has received numerous prestigious international awards.

His photography has been published worldwide in several books and hundreds of publications and as a camera operator he has worked on projects for companies like the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix and Red Bull for more than a decade. His own documentary work has also received several international film awards. 

Technical Advisor

As a technical consultant, Jacques has worked with brands like Canon, Panasonic, Atomos and Insta360 to name just a few. Testing everything from prototype codecs and various equipment to providing technical feedback on prototype lenses, cameras and housings. 

Since 2012 he has also worked closely with several dive watch and dive computer brands in both a technical and media capacity (ex – Linde Werdelin, ORIS and more).

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